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Gem.In.Eyes Productions offers recording, editing, mastering, and event management and production services. Albums, audiobooks, and podcasts are part of the possibilities in the recording studio and are available starting $45 an hour. Want to plan and produce an event? Work with Gem.In.Eyes Productions to take that event to the next level. Contact us with your project and to request more info. Below are some examples of projects produced by or in collaboration with Gem.In.Eyes Productions.


Words and Sht, GENERIC-2.png

Words and Shit

Words & Sh*t tries to break down the divide between writer and reader by featuring a different poet every week that’ll perform some of their work and then have a conversation with the hosts in the form of an interactive virtual talkshow that is rebroadcast as a podcast; the idea is to get to know the person behind the poetry and to connect audiences with their favorite writers to gain a deeper understanding of who they are and where their work comes from. Topics include inspiration, writing style, past, present, and future projects, but also span into the personal by talking about family, hobbies, passions, and anything else that might be of interest to the feature. It creates a space for fans, new and old, to connect with poets from all across the country, from both page and spoken word backgrounds. Available on all podcast streaming platforms and on YouTube at

after 2 tequila shots (1800 × 1800 px)-5.png

After 2 Tequila Shots

After 2 Tequila Shots is a current events podcast with Chibbi, Rooster & special guests where we discuss the week's happenings...after taking 2 shots of tequila. Available wherever you get your podcasts.

UR Logo.png

Underrated Favorites

Hosted by movie aficionados Nique & Rooster take a look at movies your might have missed: films that are more than 10 years old, not cult classics, and for some reason have not stood the test of time. They talk about motifs, what worked, what didn't and what could've helped the movie live up to its potential, and declare whether they think its an Underrated Favorite or a certified flop. Available wherever you get your podcasts. 

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