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Poet     |     Performer     |     Publisher     |     Producer     |     Community Organizer




Teaching Artist Project - July 2021

Summer Institute – Virtual


University of Texas, Austin, TX - May 2009

Bachelor of Arts, Theatre and Dance


Gaiety School of Acting, Dublin, Ireland - Fall 2008

Study Abroad Program





July 2023                    Lambda Literary Writers Retreat for Emerging Voices

November 2022        Arts and Letters Award, Friends of the San Antonio Public Library

July 2022                    Tin House Summer Workshop Retreat

June 2022                   Finalist, Robert Phillips Poetry Chapbook Prize

June 2022                   2nd Place, Southern Fried Poetry Slam

December 2022         Finalist, Wax Nine Chapbook Competition

June 2021                   Fellow, DreamYard Rad(ical) Poetry Consortium

February 2020            2nd Place, King Poetry Slam

February 2020            San Antonio Grand Slam Champion, PuroSlam

December 2017         Writer in Residence, Write Art Out

August 2017               3rd Place, National Poetry Slam Group Piece Competition

April 2017                   San Antonio Grand Slam Champion, PuroSlam

June 2015                   2nd Place Team Competition, Southwest Shootout

April 2008                   Best Actor in a Play for Youth Nominee, ACoT B.Iden Payne Awards





2022 - Present             Community Manager, Out in Tech

2022 - Present             Editor in Chief, Write About Now Publishing

2021 - Present             Director of Virtual Programming, Write About Now Media

2020 - Present             Director of Media Production, Write Art Out

2020 - Present             Director & Host, Words and Shit Talk Show/Podcast

2021 - 2022                  Program Developer & Production Manager, The Echo Project

2021 - 2022                  Co-Editor, The Mixtape Literary Magazine

2020-2022                    Teaching Artist, Gemini Ink

2021                             Workshop Facilitator, Queer Storytelling, San Antonio Public Library

2021                             Workshop Facilitator, Stonewall International Poetry Slam

2021                             Teaching Artist, San Antonio Airforce Bases

2021                             Workshop Facilitator, Awful Good Writers

2021                             Workshop Facilitator, Defunkt Magazine

2020                             Co-Editor, Contra: Texas Poets Speak Out, Flowersong Press

2019                             Workshop Facilitator, Write About Now Writer’s Retreat

2019                             Workshop Facilitator, ABQ Unidos

2017-2019                    Regional Trainer, South Central, MAC Cosmetics

2016-2017                    Resident Trainer, San Antonio, TX, MAC Cosmetics

2013-2016                    Guest Facilitator at Quarterly Update Trainings, MAC Cosmetics

2010-2013                    Founder, Laredo BorderSlam





November 2020         Contra: Texas Poets Speak Out

                                    Co-Editor, FlowerSong Press 2020

June 2019                   OTRO/PATRIA

                                    Self-Published, 2019


June 2013                   Where the Wild Things Grow

                                    Self-Published, 2013




Forthcoming             “heaven is a beach”

                                    Pilgrimage Press

Forthcoming             “European Ivy”

                                    Allium Journal

Forthcoming             “Tar-Stained Youth”

                                    Cosmonaut Avenue

August 2023              “Apparently Straight Boys…” and “The Curse of the Blue-Footed Booby”


November 2022         “An Ode to Texas, if Odes were Written the way Mexican Moms Give Compliments”

                                    RiverSedge Journal

October 2022            “Permission Pantoum”

                                    The Texas Review

July 2022.                  “We Have Always Been Here”

                                    The Bitchin’ Kitchen, Volume 13, Issue 3

May 2022                    “Diaspora – A Spiral”

                                    Yalobusha Review

March 2022                “You Deserve an Apology” and “The Hereafter” and “All Mine”

                                    Acid Verse Volume 2, Los Angeles Poet Society

February 2022           “All Mine”

                                    Waxwing Magazine


February 2022            “I Visited the Temples of Tenochticlan when I was 8 
                                    and all I Got was this Lousy Imposter Syndrome”

                                    Honey Literary Magazine

January 2022              “Feels Great. Big Loads. Heart. Eggplant. Heart.”

                                    Homology Lit


June 2021                  “Semi-Automatic Christ”

                                    The Acentos Review


May 2021                   “Can I Borrow 40 Bucks?”

                                    Voices de la Luna, Volume 13, Number 3


May 2021                   “I’m Almost There” and “Immigration Courts Need a Curandera”

                                    Wax Nine


April 2021                  “What it’s like to be a Mexican American”

                                    The Journal of Latina Critical Feminism, Volume 4


December 2020        “Finding Light” and “Las Dos Fridas”

                                    Defunkt, Volume 6


November 2020         Contra: Texas Poets Speak Out Review

                                    Latino Book Review


November 2020        “Butti-Ho” and “The United Corporations of America”

                                    Contra: Texas Poets Speak Out, Flowersong Press


Spring 2020              “The Target Shoots Back”

                                    The Latino Book Review Magazine 2020


September 2017       “How I Learned to Fly”

                                    Texas’s Best Emerging Poets, Z Publishing


September 2016        Words from the Corazon – Interview

                                    OutSmart Magazine







June 2023                   Writing the Queer in Hostile Times

                                    Gemini Ink

November 2021         Poets and Platforms

                                    Keep the Mic On – Virtual 


July 2021                    Penguin House, Google Me

                                    Poet Up Podcast


December 2020         Activism and Poetry

                                    Defunkt Magazine Interview – Virtual


July 2019                    The Richard Wilmore Show

                                    Featured Guest – Digital Talk Show

2020 - 2021                Words and Shit podcast - on Apple Podcast , on Spotify



Television Appearances


January 2022             2022 MLK Virtual March – “Autumn, Always”

                                    City of San Antonio TV


July 2021                    “Comunidad Primero”

                                    Community First Healthcare Commercial


April 2021                  “Immigration Courts Could Use a Curandera”

                                    San Antonio Living


Featured on YouTube Channels


Write About Now

May 2022                     "Semi-Automatic Christ"

May 2022                      "Nameless" 

January 2022                “We Have Always Been Here & Diaspora

December 2021           “Ode to Texas; if Odes were Written the way Mexican Moms Give Compliments”

December 2021           “The Target Shoots Back”

November 2021           “Ode to Texas; if Odes were Written the way Mexican Moms Give Compliments”

November 2021           “Oral Fixation; or Mom, Don’t Read This Poem”

July 2021                       “Supernova”

July 2021                       “United Corporations of America”

April 2021                      “Nameless”

March 2021                   “Pulse: For Bright Night Blackouts”

February 2021              “Las Dos Fridas”

February 2021              “Whose Right?”

January 2021                “Oral Fixation; or Mom, Don’t Read This Poem”

January 2021                “Lost and Found: An Oral History”

October 2020               “Rich Gay”

July 2020                      “Finding Light”

June 2020                    “Disney: The Mouse Took Too Many Tequila Shots

April 2020                    “A Senseless Census”

January 2020               “Lost and Found: An Oral History”

July 2018                     “Barrio Yard Sale”

April 2018                    Write About Now, featuring Chibbi

February 2018             “Oral Fixation, or Mom Don’t Read This Poem”

January 2018               “Mexican Americans”

October 2016              “Whose Right?”

August 2016                “Whose Right?”

March 2016                  “Late Nights and Broken Bottles”

October 2014              “Rich Gay”


Button Poetry

April 2022                    "Whose Right?"

September 2021          “Rich Gay”

March 2021                  “Lost and Found: An Oral History”

March 2021                  “A Senseless Census”

November 2020          “Las Dos Fridas”

June 2020                    “Disney: The Mouse Took Too Many Tequila Shots


Public Poetry Houston

December 2020          “There’s No Way I’m Not Here”


Gemini Ink Youth Writing Workshops

July 2020                      “Invocations & Shout Outs”

July 2020                      “Writing an Ode”

July 2020                      “What it’s like to Be Me”

July 2020                      “This is Just to Say”

All Def Poetry

March 2020                  “Cesar Chavez”


Poetry Slam Inc

December 2017           “Woke AF”

December 2017           “Barrio Yard Sale”

December 2017           “Mexican-Americans”



August 2017                 “Oral Fixation, or Mom, Don’t Read This Poem”





Selected from 50+ features, 2013-present


February 2023            Open Society Foundations – US Fellowship Conference

                                    Main Stage Speaker – San Antonio, TX

June 2022                   BCFH/HHS Pride Resource Fair

                                    Keynote Speaker, Workshop Facilitator – San Antonio, TX

February 2022            Mark Conference Rutger's University

                                    Main Stage Speaker - New Brunswick, NJ

November 2021         Latinitas 2021 Fall Open House

                                    Featured Performer – Austin, TX


October 2021             Stonewall International Poetry Slam Festival

                                    Featured Performer, Workshop Facilitator, Host – Baltimore, MD


September 2021        Baltimore State University

                                    Workshop Facilitator and Featured Performer – Virtual


August 2021               SUNI Oswego

                                    Featured Performer – Oswego, NY


August 2021               Texas Women’s University – Student Union Takeover

                                    Featured Performer – Denton, TX


June 2020                   The National Council for Behavioral Science

                                    Commissioned Work and Featured Performer – Virtual 


February 2020            Button Poetry Presents Storytellers

                                    Featured Performer – Miami, FL


December 2019         Aloha Poetry Festival

                                    Featured Performer – Honolulu, HI


September 2019        Writers for Migrant Justice

                                    Featured Performer – San Antonio, TX


July 2019                    The Pride Center – Queer Voices

                                    Featured Performer – San Antonio, TX


October 2018             Kingsborough College – Latinx Symposium

                                    Featured Performer – New York City, NY






January 2022              Slam Mania III

                                    Write About Now


October 2021             Stonewall International Poetry Slam Festival

                                    Prelim and Virtual Slam Host


2021-2022                  WorldWide Poetry Slam League

                                    Virtual Slam Host


2020-2021                  Words and Shit

                                    Virtual Talk Show and Podcast


June 2018                   Southern Fried Poetry Festival

                                    Prelims and Side Events Host


2017-2021                   The Blah Poetry Spot

                                    Regular Host


June 2017                   Southwest Shootout

                                    Prelims and Finals Stage Host


October 2019             Buddy Wakefield Book Release Show

                                    Write About Now


October 2016            Texas Grand Slam

                                    Finals Stage Host


2013-2016, 2022         Write About Now

                                    Resident Host


2010-2013                   Laredo BorderSlam

                                    Resident Host






Winter 2022.              Hedwig and the Angry Inch, John Cameron Mitchell & Stephen Trask

                                    Laredo Theatre Guild International


Summer 2022             Into the Woods by James Lapine & Steven Sondheim

                                    Laredo Theatre Guild International

                                    Wolf, Cinderella’s Prince


Spring 2022                This Bitch: Esta Sangre Quiero by Adrienne Dawes

                                    Sin Muros Festival, Stages Theatre



Spring 2021                Borderline by Andrew Siañez-De la O

                                    Sin Muros Festival, Stages Theatre

                                    Tio Ofelio

Summer 2018            In The Heights by Lin-Manuel Miranda

                                   Laredo Theatre Guild International



Fall 2014                     The Rocky Horror Show by Richard O’Brien

                                    Bayou City Theatrics



Spring 2013                Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare

                                    Laredo Theatre Guild International


                                    Production Credit – Aesthetics and Makeup Director


Winter 2012               Bodas de Sangre by Federico Garcia Lorca

                                    Laredo Theatre Guild International         

                                    Leñador 1 

                                    Production Credit – Makeup Director


Summer 2012             beat. a play on words by Kelly Groves

                                    Laredo Institute for Theatrical Education

                                    Actor 5 

                                    Production Credit – Director 


Spring 2012               The Complete Works of William Shakespear, Abridged by Adam Long, Daniel Singer, Jess Winfield

                                    Laredo Little Theatre



Spring 2012                Macbeth by William Shakespeare

                                    Laredo Theatre Guild International

                                    Doctor of Physic

                                    Production Credit – Special FX Makeup Director


Fall 2011                     By the Bog of Cats by Marina Carr

                                    Imago Theatre

                                    Ghost Fancier

                                    Production Credit – Makeup Director


Summer 2011             Rent by Jonathon Larson

                                    Laredo Institute for Theatrical Education

                                    Tom Collins

                                    Production Credit – Makeup Director


Spring 2011                The Drowsy Chaperone by Don Martin and Bob McKellar

                                    Laredo College Opera Workshop

                                    Man in Chair


Fall 2012                      Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street by Steven Sondheim 

                                    Laredo College Opera Workshop

                                    Birder Seller, Mr. Fogg, Chorus

                                    Production Credit – Assistant Director, Makeup Director

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